Start selling in Europe

Since the Internet has come to our lives, e-commerce has grown and become a huge sector today. According to 2017 figures, B2C e-commerce turnover in Europe increased by 11% compared to the previous year and reached 534 billion euros. In the same year, the B2C e-commerce turnover in the US was $ 453.46 billion. China, another big market, had a turnover of $ 499 billion in the same period. Considering these data, we can say that the European market is the biggest e-commerce market in the world. As such, the European market offers great opportunities for e-commerce professionals all over the world. We can support you to kick start your business in this huge market and help you deliver your products to customers all over in Europe.


company formation in Europe
Company formation

We help you set up your European company fast, cost-effectively and with minimal bureaucracy and in some cases even without needing you to travel to Europe. We assist you in obtaining VAT and EORI numbers, open bank and PayPal accounts. And in case you should require, we can also help you find an accountant and attorney.


Start selling on marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Real or Otto and on your own website, we will assist you with the first steps to ensure you reach the best possible ROI. We will also assist you with product compliancy in the European markets.

Warehouse and fulfillment services in Germany
Warehouse and fulfillment

Let us dispatch your products from our warehouse to your customers with competitive prices. Do you require only a FBA preparation? Consider it done.

You concentrate on generating sales on your online shops and we pack & ship your products daily from our warehouse in Hamburg / Germany so you can sit back and relax.


Company formation in Germany

Start your european business journey, at the hearth of Europe – Germany
  • Company formation

    Company formation costs depends on the capital of the company

    2500 EUR (starting from)


    All German companies need a summonable German address.

    250 EUR (monthly – starting price)

  • Opening balance sheet and tax office applications

    It includes filling in the forms that will be sent to the tax offices on your behalf and preparing your company’s opening balance sheet.

    400 EUR (one time)

  • VAT number registration

    We apply for a VAT number for your foreign company by the relevant authorities and accept all incoming mails from tax authorities on behalf of you. This service includes scanning and regularly sending the received documents to your email address (it doesn’t include post and parcel forwarding)

    100 EUR (yearly)

    Note: If you are setting up a company in Germany, you will not need this service because your VAT application will be made by your accountant.


    We provide monthly accounting service for your company with our solution providers. Pricing of this service is related to your trade volume.

    400 EUR (monthly starting price)


    This service includes preparation and reporting of  your company’s annual financial reporting once a year. Pricing of this service is related to your trade volume.

    1000 EUR (starting price)

FBA preparation services

FBA warehousing service is provided by us. Please contact us to get more information and benefit from our services.

  • Receiving

    A fee of 0.50 EUR per item is charged for admission of your products sent to our warehouse.
    Products sent to our warehouse must have the following characteristics:
    Your products must have a barcode on your products that we can scan it with barcode scanners
    Your products must be of a quality to be accepted by mail and shipping companies

  • Storage

    We store your products on pallets and racks. Our fee for each cubic meter is 24,90 EUR
    (Amazon warehouse prices for comparison purposes: January-September => 26 EUR, October-December => 36 EUR)

  • Barcoding

    If it is necessary to barcode your products sent to Amazon warehouses for FBA, then a fee of 0.50 EUR per product is applied.

  • Packaging

    This service includes the collection of the products in a single box sent to Amazon warehouses (in line with Amazon’s shipping acceptance standards), placed on pallets where necessary, preparing labels and adhered to cartons and pallets according to Amazon’s rules. The fee is 5,99 Eur (per box – this charge does not include shipping costs)

Fulfillment services

This includes storage, shipment and return admissions.

  • Receiving

    A fee of 0.15 EUR per item is charged for the goods acceptance in our warehouse.
    Products sent to our warehouse must have the following characteristics:
    Your products must have a barcode on your products that we can scan it with barcode scanners
    Your products must be of a quality to be accepted by mail and courier companies

  • Storage

    We store your products on pallets and shelves. Our fee is 19,90 EUR for each started cubic meter.

  • Pick & Pack

    We send your products in cardboard boxes or air bubble envelopes according to their size.
    This service includes picking the goods from the racks, packaging and getting them ready for sale.
    EUR 1,30 (per prepared consignment including one piece of product) + 0,40 EUR for each extra product in the same consignment)
    It applies to packages with the longest side of 50 cm, higher dimensions are subject to higher calculation

  • Shipping

    We ship your products with Deutsche Post, DHL and DPD. Shipping fees vary depending on the size and weight of the product. Please contact us for more information.


    This service includes acceptance of returned products from your customers in our warehouse, inspection of the returned products according to your specifications, re-storage of products in good condition and storage of the unsaleable products until you decide what to do with them. Unsaleable goods will be kept in our warehouse for 2 weeks.
    1.50 EUR (per return)


We do not offer sales training, support, Amazon and eBay account management services. However, we offer listing and PPC optimization and support you in many legal issues and consultancy subjects.

  • Registration of GERMAN VAT AND EORI NUMBER

    Obtaining VAT number from the German tax authorities on behalf of your company, and if necessary, the EORI number from the German Customs Directorate. A valid address is mandatory for the document acceptance in Germany in order to obtain the VAT.
    We will also provide this address for a year when you receive a VAT number from us. The notices sent from your German tax offices to your company are digitized and sent to you by e-mail.
    99 EUR annually


    This includes consultancy services regarding sales in Europe. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.